Pixsell, GSA merge to form leading IT company

Pixsell Pte Ltd and GSA Pte Ltd merged to form Edxis Consulting Group, one of the most trusted I.T. enablement companies in Asia. Edxis helps various organizations adopt cloud computing and Google services. It is also a manufacturer and distributor of the Edxis Education Chromebook.

Pixsell Merges with GSA to form Edxis Consulting Group

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Pixsell hosting a Google Apps for Education Workshop in the Philippines.

Pixsell Pte Ltd and GSA Pte Ltd are both IT consulting companies based in Singapore. Both groups are partners with Google to promote the innovative use of technology to help the education landscape in Asia.

Who is Pixsell Pte Ltd

Pixsell is a company established in 2011 by a team of experienced and proficient tech consultants and engineers. The firm aims to educate and empower schools, businesses, and various organizations through a more efficient use of technology.

Its pool of consultants and experts are skilled and certified in a wide array of skillets, including Google Apps Migration, Deployment, Implementation and Training. All these services are necessary in helping small to large enterprises meet their various technological needs.

Who is GSA Pte Ltd

Created in 2005, GSA is one of the dominating companies in the IT industry. The company specializes in the development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications.

As a Google partner, GSA’s services also include Google Apps Migration, Deployment, Implementation and Training.

Edxis, dependable IT Consulting Firm

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Pixsell, now partners with GSA, holds a Google Apps for Education Workshop bringing the banner of Edxis Consulting Group

In October 2014, Pixsell and GSA decided to join forces and establish Edxis Consulting Group. Combining the expertise of both companies’ specialists and professionals, Edxis was formed to more effective in helping organizations, especially educational institutions, adopt cloud computing and Google services.

Edxis Consulting Group, acquiring its partnership with Google, was also formed to engage in a new, technologically innovative venture. The company is the sole manufacturer and direct seller of the Edxis Education Chromebook. This Chromebook, unlike the rest on the market, is designed with the education market in mind. All features and specifications were purposefully built to meet the needs of teachers and students.

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Contact Edxis Consulting Group

For more information about Edxis Consulting Group, its products and services, contact them today at their Philippine Office through (02) 664-1861. You may also send an email through support@edxis.com.

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