Frequently Asked Questions about the Edxis Education Chromebook

The Edxis Education Chromebook is an Intel Education Reference Design Chromebook. It is now available in the Philippines, as well as a few other Asian countries. Edxis Consulting Group is the official manufacturer and distributor of this product. 


The Chromebook Designed for Students and Teachers

Chromebooks are sold on the market under various brands with different styles and designs. All Chromebooks are laptops that run on the Chrome OS. The Edxis Education Chromebook stands out among the various kinds, because it is the only one specifically designed for the education market.

Watch a product presentation video about this revolutionary new product:

Living with Edxis Education Chromebook

These are a few of the most common questions asked about the device for education:

1. How much is the Edxis Education Chromebook in the Philippines The device is available in two RAM options: 2GB and 4GBPhp. The 2GB RAM option is sold at Php18,000 while the 4GB type is at Php 19,200.
2. What warranty is offered? 3 years extended warranty is included in every device purchased.
3. How long is the battery’s life span? A common cause for a short battery span in laptops is frequent charging. But with the Edxis Education Chromebook, there is no need to charge the battery often, because every full-charged device can last upto 9.5 hours.Because of this, the average lifespan of an Edxis Education Chromebook’s battery is approximately 6 to 10 years.
4. What are the payment options? The Chromebooks for Education can be purchased through Cash, Cheque, Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, or Credit Card (Straight Payment).
5. Does it need an Antivirus Software? Just like other Chromebooks, Edxis Education Chromebook has a cloud-based memory hardrive, and is running on the it’s own operating system. Thus, there is no place for a malware to root inside the device.
6. Does it have a hard drive? Yes, Ofcourse! It has 16GB storage space.
7. What is the device’s body made of? It’s made from the same sturdy plastic used in making high grade toys for children.
8. Can I use the Edxis Education Chromebook without Internet connection? Yes! Although this device requires Internet connection for maximum utilization of its resources, Google Apps for Education, which are built-in with the device can generally be used offline. Your files automatically sync to your cloud storage when Internet connection is restored.
9. Do you have a financing scheme for the unit? How much is the downpayment and amortization? Yes. A flexible financing scheme is available through partnership with Rural Bank of Guinobatan. Refer to the matrix for the available options.
10. Why is the Edxis Education Chromebook not sold in stores and malls? To keep the prices affordable for teachers and students, this device is not sold in retail in commercial establishments. Edxis Consulting Group is the sole distributor of the product. To bring the Education Chromebook to students and teachers, the Edxis Consulting Group builds a partnership with local schools to promote the use of the device. Bicol University, La Salle Greenhills, and Reedley International School are among the few Philippine schools that are pioneers in the use of the Edxis Education Chromebook.

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