Chromebooks – What You Need to Know

It was in 2014 that Chromebooks began to dominate the market. In that year, this device from Google doubled in shipment, as they became increasingly in-demand in various schools and universities in the United States and in Canada. The Edxis Education Chromebook, which is an Intel Reference Design Chromebook, is the most ideal device for students and teachers.

The New Revolutionary Device for Education: Chromebooks

The Edxis Education Chromebook - an Intel Education Reference Design

The Edxis Education Chromebook – an Intel Education Reference Design

A Chromebook is a unique kind of laptop, because instead of running on Windows or Mac OS, it runs on Google’s own operating system, Chrome OS. This device is designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, although an increasing number of Google apps, as well as third party apps, now have offline features.

Chromebooks on the market vary in brand and style, but they generally have basic features that are common to all. The following are the basic features of a Chromebook:

  1. Built-in Google Apps

Chromebooks rely heavily on Google’s suit of applications, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. This means that in order to use a Chromebook, you have to log into the system using your Google account. Although users can log in as a guest, a Gmail account is necessary to maximize the experience.

If a person uses other services, such as Microsoft Outlook, AIM, or Yahoo Mail, they might need time to adjust to Google’s operating system. Microsoft Office suite isn’t available on Chromebooks, but Google offers a wide array of apps that are compatible with common Office programs. With Google Drive, users can create everything from documents to sheets and slides.

Although Chromebooks depend a lot on the Internet, this does not mean that you can’t use it offline. More and more Google Apps can now be used offline with the capacity to automatically sync with the original files on your cloud as soon as connection is restored.

  1. The Education Chromebook has a retractable handle that makes it easy to carry.

    The Education Chromebook has a retractable handle that makes it easy to carry.


Generally, Chromebooks are small in size with an average screen size of 11.6 inches. These machines usually weigh 3 pounds or less, which makes them easy to carry and an ideal school companion for kids. The Edxis Education Chromebook, being designed for students, takes this portability feature further. It is built with a durable, retractable handle so that students can comfortable bring it around their campus.

  1. CPU and RAM

A laptop’s processor and amount of RAM will determine how smoothly it performs, especially if a multiply tabs and windows are opened at once. Most Chromebooks, like the Edxis Education version, have Intel Celeron chips installed, which provide a decent amount of pep.

2GB RAM is the standard amount for Chromebooks, although you will find a few brands that come with 4GB RAM capacity. The Edxis Education Chromebook, comes with both options: 2GB and 4GB.

  1. Storage Size

Chromebooks generally come with at least 16GB of storage. This might not seem enough for some people, but it is important to remember that these devices were not designed to download large applications or store lots of media. Chromebooks promote the use of cloud storage, which is the safest and most convenient way to store files. Regular google accounts are provided with 100GB Google Drive storage, which is free for 2 years. Accounts under Google for Education, on the other hand, are provided with unlimited cloud storage.

Some of these devices, like the Edxis Education Chromebook, come with an SD card reader. This means that the local storage can still be expanded up to 64GB.

  1. Battery Life

The average battery life of a Chromebook is approximately 8 hours, which is a far cry from the battery life of an average laptop. However, the Edxis Education Chromebook takes battery life to a home run with an exceptional 9.5 hours.

  1. Virus-Free

Running on the Chrome OS, Chromebooks are guaranteed to be resistant to malware.

Introducing the Edxis Education Chromebook

Chromebooks are the new generation of machines, and they are both practical and convenient for student use. Among the various Chromebooks available on the market, nothing surpasses the Edxis Education Chromebook. Besides the basic features of a Chromebook, the Edxis version of the device is exceedingly better, especially with its drop-proof design and spill-resistant keyboard.

For more information about the Edxis Education Chromebook, click here.

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